Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I call this: Marley and my lunch. When the cat's away, the mice will play. When the owner is sitting right in front of her dog, the dog will still come within hairs of the unthinkable.

Quote of the Day

Will: "If it makes me sick, I stay away from it. That's why I have like a list of alcohols I can never touch again. Like Jaeger. It made me really sick... annnnnnnd that's it."

Monday, June 29, 2009

Bubbles 'R Us

So thanks tot his new photo gallery that magically appeared in my inbox today, I have a new obsessions: Trying to capture a bubble bursting in a photograph. Now, I haven't actually tried this yet, I don't know who will kindly play with bubbles over and over again in front of my camera, and I don't even think my digital not-this camera can capture something so instant and fleeting. But, I will try! The whole gallery, by Richard Heeks, can be found here.


These were taken at my family brunch last weekend. My brother and cousins are seen here with their usual reaction to my camera. My brother grins in embarrassment and looks away. Jillian hides her face, because I don't know if you know this, but 18 year old girls think that they only look good with photos taken on their macbooks' internal cameras with flashy backgrounds in Photo Booth. And Eric, giving me his classic first picture face, something weird. He either looks stoned, from my Great Aunt Marilyn's "special" coffee cake, I am sure, or he looks angry or insane. And then, when I ask for a real picture, he extends his middle finger to me and says I have reached my daily quote (of one) photo, and refuses to take any more. So, more to come tomorrow.

Quote of the Day

Drew Barrymore (in He’s Just Not That Into You): “What if you meet the love of your life, but you are married? Are you supposed to just let that pass you by?”

Michelle (without a second’s hesitation): “That is what marriage means.”

I couldn’t say a thing, I was hysterically laughing. I thought marriage meant honesty and love. I now know that it’s more like a prison sentence. The things you learn from watching romantic comedies with your friends….

Friday, June 26, 2009

And Pop Mourns...

Yesterday, June 25th, 2009, American icon and music legend Michael Jackson passed away. As did Farah Fawcett, an American legend in her own right. Farah was suffering from a cancer that was taking her life, and I have seen her documentary, read what I can about her condition, and have been affected by her suffering for months. She seemed to be a fighter, a good person, and most importantly, someone in pain. And I can only hurt for those people. Her death was sad, but expected, and that makes a world of difference compared to the unexpected.

Michael Jackson was 50 years old, and did not, I repeat, did not die from anesthesia for another nose job. He appears to have not lost his mind completely and committed suicide. He was in shape, had just passed a rigorous physical assessment to get insured for his upcoming tour, and he was fifty years old. After dying from a massive heart attack, he left his fans, his family, the world, emotionally unprepared and shocked. His body of work will live on for longer than I can even wrap my head around.

What I had seen of him in interviews and biographies was that he was emotionally stunted, maybe even mentally stunted. He lived like like a carefree child, naming one of his children blanket, inviting strange kids to play on his property, partnering up with his "best friend," a monkey. He purchased things like solid gold tombs, and if I find any articles, I will share them here, because my memory is about as reliable as a sieve these days. His money ran out, he disowned family members because they mistreated him, in his eyes, and he lived the past two decades as a hidden mythical homebody, of sorts. He was able to look at life with a sense of youth and wonderment, while also being fearful and guarded. He may not have suffered from a disease for many years, he may have created his on bed to lie in, but I can't help but to feel overwhelmingly sorrowful for the way his many, many chips landed.

And I can always cherish the first memory that pops into my head when I think of him: Singing "Heal The World" in a sixth grade choral concert, and really belting out his message, because I believed in it. Believe in it.


These are some up close and personal with a leopard gecko shots that I took a while ago. At first, I was really taken with the clarity and depth that these pictures carry. And that is not so much "tooting my own horn," as it is being thankful that I tried to learn as many settings on my camera as my tech-stunted brain could muster. After more careful consideration, however, the only thing I can focus on is just how hair my arm is here. Maybe my brother is right, and I do have the hairiest arms known to womankind. (He shared that with me in a loving brother to sister moment a few years ago that replays in my mind over and over again like a skipping record stuck on a shrill off-key opera singer.)

Quote of the Day

Julia: "In order to hate people, you have to learn about them."


Thursday, June 25, 2009


Ah, Japanese snack food, ranging from the supremely bizarre to the ultimately disgusting. Colon cream, anyone?

Quote of the Day

Eating Charleston Chews, and sharing nine year old logic:

Tristan: “I like how it’s tough. It makes my teeth stronger.”

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Note to future self: Make sure to take children's favorite things often, so that they can be normal functioning members of society, and not melt.

This kid literally squeals like a pig, tries to stick a remote where he clearly can't change channels, and leaps around like nothing I have ever seen. And the scariest part? That he might make it into adulthood, I may cut him off on the road, and he will kill me.

Divorce For The Gosselins

I thought I would be original and discuss the divorce of Jon and Kate Gosselin, from Jon and Kate Plus Eight. Just kidding! I didn't know that so many people were fans of "my" show, but Us Weekly Magazine had exclusive coverage of Kate physically reprimanding one of her daughters, and the sales skyrocketed. For the first time ever, they outsold People Magazine. Impressive. I have nothing to say of Kate's alleged "daughter hitting," mostly because I refused to support Us Weekly, and also, because everything is taken out of context. If you had eight screaming children around you, your husband publicly leaving you for a trashy 23 year old school teacher from the middle of nowhere, and one of your kids misbehaved, do you think you could refrain from grabbing them forcefully?

As much flack as this family receives, I am always on Team Kate. I believe in her intentions and integrity, I like her personality and her ability to remain composed when I know if I were her, I'd be running into walls tied up in a straight jacket at the nearest mental hospital. And yes, she's been bitchy to her husband. And yes, they both have admitted that. But it was a precedent they set together, and now instead of working on it to change, he is too angry to fix anything. Apparently when his balls descended, he had enough angry testosterone flowing through him to reconcile nothing. And I know all of this, because I watched their interviews they gave on TV. And everything on TV is real.

In the midst of this media storm, last night, three late night talk show hosts gave their one line joke about this national phenomenon, and I wanted to share these with you as proof that their is nothing at all amusing, funny, or entertaining about David Letterman.

Jimmy Fallon: "This marks the first time that Jon's ever pulled out."

Conan O'Brien: "Guys, the nagging chick with eight kids is available!"

David Letterman: "Jon and Kate plus eight lawyers." (Sigh.)


Birds. I hate them. Their squawking and pecking and crapping and scaring the life out of me. I've never been a fan, which is okay, because the people that are seem to be cultish, so that cancels my negativity out and all is right with the world. But walking around the base of Barnegat Lighthouse, my friend was "ooohing" and "aahhhing" up a storm, and kept taking pictures of this one bird. I guess I can see the beauty here, from afar.... as a juxtaposition of light and dark.

Quote of the Day

A.H.: “That’s like saying I'm not half as bad as the devil, but even if that’s right, that’s not a good starting place.”

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


One of the following two statements is fact:

1. I accidentally left an open container of coffee, sugar, and uppers on the floor. Marley partook, of course, while she annihilated a box of chocolates (GASP), some caffeinated alcohol, snorted NoDoze, and lapped her way towards me.

2. I sat down.

Quote of the Day

Alex: “I’m so glad I found someone of no faith, like me.”

Monday, June 22, 2009

Feeling Growed Up

I hosted my first brunch yesterday, not in honor of Father's Day, but to spend time with my Georgian Uncle David. I could go on and on about how amazing this man is, and how when I think back to being four years old, I remember him tickling me and helping me "fly" as I leaned against his massive and hairy feet. And that's a lot of what I remember from that age. They say that positive, negative, and especially fragrant things impact long term memories, and I know that I never had a bad time with him. So that means he was either an especially positive force, or incredibly smelly. I kid. :) Back to my brunch...

Nevermind the fact that my mother brought her coffee pot and coffee, an aunt brought homemade cake, and my grandmother made and brought egg and tuna salads, this brunch I am still laying claim to! I cleaned, picked up bagels, spent over an hour meticulously dicing cheese, and all the other stuff. Did I mention I cleaned? Like, with an actual vacuum? (My dogs like the vacuum more than I do!)

One day, when my vacuum explodes Marley hair and crap all over every object I own, because nobody ever taught me how to change a vacuum bag and I lost the instructions and mechanics come to me about as easily as most people take to learning Chinese as a second language in 24 hours, everyone will finally understand why I hate than machine as much as I do.

Digression ascends!! The point is, my uncle called me twice, not just once, and left a message on my voicemail what was so sweet, I didn't mind having to check my voicemail! He said he was proud of me, and told me how clean and perfect my apartment was. And I cried. I literally had to wipe tears off of my face at 5 am when I woke up, checked my voicemail, panicked I would be late for work, only to discover I had an amazingly sweet uncle, three hours left before I should start worrying, and that I apparently equate cleanliness to adulthood, as I suddenly felt all growed up.


As coincidence would have it, the room I slept in at our rented house a few weeks ago on Long Beach Island was dog themed, and two of the hanging pictures freaked me out beyond them just being of dogs playing poker. "Hustler" was a replica of my late chocolate lab, Coco. And "Lucky" is the spitting image of Mojo. I assume Marley was missing, because she would, even in theory, eat all props.

Quote of the Day

Me: “My Native American name is Running Water.”

Jordan: “More like Broken Rubber.”

Friday, June 19, 2009

Oh, Bonnaroo!

I've been to my fair share of live shows. Granted, they were the same shows over and over and over and over and over again, but who's counting? Am I sorry that I have spent more money on Dave Matthews tickets than I probably have for my current car? No way! If I hadn't, would I have been able to put this bad boy poem together? I think not!

You are TOO MUCH. There is SO MUCH TO SAY. You might regret that when we LIE IN OUR GRAVES. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY if I asked you to take that back? DON'T DRINK THE WATER, karma will get you. THE MAKER is watching. You should SEEK UP nicer things to say. Then you can be the PROUDEST MONKEY. RECENTLY, you were the saddest guy. You should watch ANTS MARCHING to understand true unity. We should all be DANCING NANCIES in life. We can experience THE BEST OF WHAT'S AROUND. We can DRIVE IN, DRIVE OUT anywhere we want. It's a TYPICAL SITUATION with happy people and TRIPPING BILLIES. Let's do a TWO STEP by the WAREHOUSE, and RAPUNZEL can visit, we have to get her at THE LAST STOP. And not on HALLOWEEN, because she'll be visiting THE DREAMING TREE with her PIG. I know you have a CRUSH on her though, but I think she is BUSTED STUFF. And if you marry her, you are DIGGING A DITCH because her GRACE IS GONE. She hooked up with her CAPTAIN, a BARTENDER, on GREY STREET. YOU NEVER KNOW who will cheat on you and who will CRY FREEDOM. She is TOO MUCH, but don't worry, YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU GET, and you'd be a FOOL TO DREAM HER, EVERYDAY, she isn't an ANGEL. Not even WHEN THE WORLD ENDS.

But the show I have never made it to was Bonnaroo. I have had this inexplicable urge to go, you know, to experience the Woodstock of my generation. But I don't camp. I like showers, and mattresses, and deodorant, and dry feet, and personal space. So, until now, I didn't know there was this incredible middle ground, and I thought I would share it with everyone here if you were also in the dark: Fuse TV is featuring a Best Of Bonnaroo set!!

Oh, and Free Love, Man.


Cute picture of my dog?

Think again!

Quote of the Day

Aaron: “She looks like Sarah Jessica Parker in this pic.”

Julia: “I love how you made a SJP reference. Tsk, tsk."

Aaron: “I like that show. I’m not afraid to admit it. Sex and the City. I enjoy it.”

Julia: “OMG. GOLD. Hahahahaa.”

*I do not remember at all who this conversation was in reference to, but does it matter?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bing Bing Bing

Bing is a new competitor to Google.com. And it seems to be exactly the same as far as search results and formatting goes, except their home page is welcoming, calling to me to earn a trillion dollars, but a mansion on a lake, learn how to sail, pay someone to fill in for me on said sailboat because I get motion sickness, and search the internet as I used to, back in the days of ever so plain Google.

I had no idea that anyone was brazen enough to take on that little box in the top right hand corner of my open browser. I didn't know this, because I don't watch TV commercials. And it's not that I don't enjoy commercials, I do. It's just that the reality shit that I waste my personal time consuming set up these impossible cliffhangers before each commercial break, and I lack all impulse control to sit and wait the three minutes for the show to resume. (Also, I have too much to clean off of my DVR to risk wasting three additional minutes of awake time to something not specifically chosen to be viewed.) Feel bad for me, because I am not kidding.

To quote my friend, AKA the Bing.com informant, AKA the guy who reacted negatively when I mentioned I needed to quote him on my blog:

Strangely Secretive:
And they're advertising that it's not a search engine, it's a decision engine. So someone asks a question like "Do you sell oil filters here?" And the person behind the desk says "air filters, filter fresh, fresh step cat litter, cat's pajamas, pajama party," and then a kid in a classroom asks "Will this be on the test?" and the teacher says "test tubes, tubular dude, dude ranch, ranch dressing, salad spinner." And they go on like that for a while and then they say "Why search, when you can decide?" So Google spends about $100m in advertising per year -- Bing has spent $100m in advertising in the last 60 days. There was an article in the New York Times that they reassigned 400 software engineers at google to immediately improve searching to compete with Bing.
Honestly, why do I need to watch commercials when I have such an amazing recap giver?


I chose to use this photo today, because when I took it, it felt like our outer atmosphere was literally closing in on us all. The top of this very tall building was staving off this impending world of clouds, but it wasn't tall enough. It's rained here for the past 12 days, off and on, mostly on. It's been too dreary to sit by the pool, unless someone wants to play a long game of Who-Can-Hold-Their-Breath-Under-Water-Until-Death. And when the rain has cleared, it has been so muggy, the air so thick with precipitation anticipation, that there was no brief respite from rain at all. Just a constant reminder that it was just here and is on its way back. The forecast for the next ten days is... rain. Here's looking at you, depression!

Quote of the Day

Jordan: “I'm heartless? You know why you have no circulation!? ‘Cuz your arteries aren't connected to anything.”

Yeah? You think I'm heartless? I'll show you heartless, spit boy!
It's kinda fun having the last laugh. And watching that spit hang from your mouth.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You Get What You Pay For

**This is a letter written to my aunt and friend, both of whom practice massage therapy, professionally and/or on a student level.

Hi Aunt Leslie and Lauren~

I figured I would let you both know simultaneously about the Chinese massage "experience," which I finally went to last night. I went with two friends, "J" who opted for a 60 minute foot massage, and "A", who opted for a 60 minute back massage because she was worried about her feet bruising as she has a big wedding to attend this weekend. Since I'm clearly the most intelligent of the group, I chose a 60 minute foot rub followed by a 15 minute back/shoulder massage. Epic fail!

The foot massage was tolerable. I had to tell the woman about 20 times, "Lighter!!" or "Owww," but the best way to convey the pain was to jerk my foot away and stare her down, non-verbal communication like a lion in the Sahara. That sixty minutes was definitely entertaining and I survived with my feet and legs intact and functioning. But around the time I was adjusting myself for my back to be massaged, "A" came out from the back room shaking her head in pain. She said it was "...really hard." I wish she could have been a bit more descriptive, because I would have cancelled my shoulder rub if she had spoken more specifically, as in "This will be the single worst shoulder experience you have ever experienced, and I don't know your experiences, and I still say that with confidence."

So there I am, staring down at this 15 minute timer while this small-ish Chinese woman beats me with her elbows as if I had stolen her first born son. (I choose to refrain from further description as to what could have made this woman more hateful towards me.) And when the timer ticked off one minute and showed 14 minutes left, I almost started crying. I said "OW!" and "Stop!" and moved and wiggled and darted and at one point I grabbed her right hand and pried her thumb out from deep within my skin, because I was pretty sure she was searching for my artery to rip open.

Maybe that's how you achieve true relaxation in China. You bleed out completely in a massage chair and you never feel stress- or anything- again.

By the time I went to bed, I couldn't pick my arms up over my head. I woke up at 6 am on my own, from throbbing on my shoulders and the back of my neck. I am currently wearing my bra straps around the tops of my arms, because not only do I have pain emanating from my bones, but also there is incredible soreness to touch. I can't look straight down, I can't straighten my shoulders, and I almost fainted in my kitchen when I stupidly flung my purse onto my left shoulder this morning.

I'm thinking of bringing my Dad there for Father's Day. What are your thoughts?




In honor of today, the seventeenth of June, I have decided to share something very special with any readers perusing this site. Don't say I never gave you anything!

Quote of the Day

Julia: “She loves showing me off.”

Aly: “All moms do.”

Julia: “No, for Korean moms, it keeps their blood pumping.”

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I think that thumb got a little frisky... and a lot rejected.
But, also, who would sit there? It's creepy and wet and in no way looks at all comfortable. And this kids store was selling it. Who would let their small child have an enormous hand grope their ass in the privacy of their own bedroom? Come on, kids store, stick to baseball mitts and beanie bags chairs.

Quote of the Day

Julia: “Every time I take out of my savings, I feel like a little piece of me dies.”

Monday, June 15, 2009


Some guys search for time traveling cars, but when I looked up last weekend, this was definitely my Marty McFly moment.

Quote of the Day

(My grandfather stood up from the dinner table with his elastic wasted track pants spun so far to the side that it looked like he could pee out of his hip.)

Risa: "Dad, do you not feel how twisted your pants are?"

Grandpa: "It's okay. I'm going to throw them in the wash tomorrow."

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Kitten Stole My Baby!

Alright, let's clear the air now, I wanted to say "Heart" instead of "Baby" in the title, but then you wouldn't have gotten a 30 year old movie reference that has no bearing or similarity to my story whatsoever, and what fun would that have been?

Last night, the ever-planned kitten hand-off took place, thus freeing me from a world of text messages, scheduling cancellations, and just plain waiting. A friend from high school is living with her sister who has been bottle feeding homeless newborn kittens and placing them in homes, from her own living room. And when a picture with seven (?) tiny, weensie baby kitten's made it's way to my computer screen, I decided I would do my best to help: Send a mass email. When I heard nothing for a few days, those kittens completely vanished from my memory. Fort Knox, I swear! Apparently though, my email was forwarded a few times over, and all of a sudden I had a taker. 

Now, this next part still baffles me, but I decided to pick the kitten up and drop it off, and for no good reason at all. It was really nice to see my friend from high school. And it was really nice to see the kitten's new home and owner and to help it acclimate. But you know what else is really nice? Not having my heart ripped from my chest. That's right, me, the self-proclaimed dog fanatic took one look at this half a pound kitten that looked like a stuffed animal's accessory toy, and my allergies temporarily went into hiding. 

Passive Aggressive Notes

Passive aggressiveness. Aggressivity? To Agrise? I cannot stand it! If you are feeling aggressive, get it out! You aren't hiding anything except your sense of self-respect. Interestingly enough, however, I find this site entertaining and not frustrating at all. Until someone leaves me a passive aggressive note...


What's better than that lovely new rawhide I went to the store, purchased, carried upstairs, unwrapped while you jumped and freaked out, and then I handed to you fearing for my digits? Ah, yes, that's right, chewing on your ankles.

Quote of the Day

Me: “What's the password for your laptop? Bubbles, or something?"

Ben: “I'm not a 'bubbles' kind of guy."

Quote of the Day

Me: “What's the password for your laptop? Bubbles, or something?"

Ben: “I'm not a 'bubbles' kind of guy."

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fire Dog

Growing up, I was all, "I wanna watch Labrynth!!" Again, and again, again, and again. I did this with so many movies as a toddler and small child, truthfully. Lady and the Tramp, The Little Mermaid, Rocky Horror Picture Show... The list goes on and on. And on one hand, I feel badly for my mother, having to hear the same soundtracks and dialogue on repeat for years of her life. But at the same time, I think she had it pretty easy. I never got bored of them, my attention span was immaculate, and really, who doesn't love the Labrynth? There are worse things to be obsessed with. Like my little brother, who became obsessed with Barney! The purple dinosaur guaranteed to piss you off! And as he got older, his taste matured into loving Jean Claude Van Damme movies. Which ones? They are all the same. He always shows a flash of ass, some karate kicks, and gets a girl. In real life, he gets his flash of ass kicked. But I bet if I asked her, my mom would think inside of her head that my taste was superior, but she would say, "I have no favorites." Denial is a strong force.

And, if I hadn't spent an entire presidential term sitting cross legged in front of the world of puppets and David Bowie, maybe I would have missed out on the most spectauclar likeness I have ever found. Mojo belongs with the limb and head and eye removing and swapping fire creatures from "Chilly Down" in the Labrynth. Don't deny it!

Quote of the Day

Julia: “Why are you taking that away? Why are you a fun thief?”

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dave Matthews GPS

I'm not sure how I feel about Jimmy Fallon as a late night TV host, but if he is the master of one thing, it's impersonating singers. Dave's almost got nothing on him!

Also, I want one!!

New York Shitty

I mean no disrespect. I love Manhattan with its rotten garbage smells and overpriced walk-in closet converts. I love sitting in dead stopped traffic. Really, it's a blast. And now, thatgreenpointblog, aka newyorkshitty.com is pointing out some Brooklyn highs. Actually, this blog points out a lot of things I love about the city. And I will refrain from saying, "It's the energy." So I will say: It's the vigor? It's the liveliness? Or vitality? Or verve? It's the energy and leave me alone about it. 

Where else can you find indoor furniture being thrown out with artwork peeking out?
L.A.? Maybe. Seattle? Maybe, but it would be soaked by the time a photographer showed up. Utah? Maybe, but the people in the painting would be fully clothed. Louisiana? Paint melts outside. See? New York is special!!


I hate how the flash option controls each picture. You can choose for clarity or proper light, but NOT BOTH! Anyway, they say that if the sun at sunset is bright red, the next day will be a scorcher. And every time I've paid attention, that turns out to be untrue. It was chilly the next day.

Quote of the Day

Aunt Marie: “Excuse me, mister. I have a photographic memory.”

Grandma 'Nee: “Well, then it’s time to change your film.”

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blondes Vs. Brunettes

Thanks to jezebel, I have been made aware of the age old question lingering in every nine year olds mind: Will Archie end up with Betty or Veronica? And the answer is: Brunettes for the win! The article is Here.

But far more interesting than Archie Andrews choices are Dylan McKay's. 
Now, there's "An Open Letter To Archie Andrews From Dylan McKay." Deep:

I gotta tell ya, Arch, life is a rough road that must be traveled alone, unless you happen upon a hot chick like Bren or Kel who understands how deep you are and will let you have sex with them at the prom, or in the pool, or in your house where you basically live alone because your parents just aren't there for you, man. Guys like you and me have decisions to make, hearts to break, and love to take. It is what it is, bro.
When Dylan chose the blonde, I was devastated:


Siblings at a bakery vs. siblings at a bakery
Guess which ones are my dad and aunt...

Quote of the Day

Krystena: “Whenever I see a raw chicken roaster and I spread it’s legs out, I think it looks just like a small, naked person.”

Monday, June 8, 2009

O.A.R. Sweepstakes!

One lucky winner will score two tickets, 2 passes to the VIP lounge, a meet-and-greet opportunity with the band, and 2 autographed copies of O.A.R.'s All Sides album! The contest is running from RIGHT NOW through August 5th, 2009. And if any of you guys win, remember, I would totally share with youuuuuu! Click HERE to enter.

Off The Mark

Mark Parisi is a skilled comic and illustrator. I think. His site, OffTheMark.com is a great place to lose yourself for a weekend when you are bored you can't think about turning on the TV and the book you are reading has been dragging for the past thirty bajillion pages. (Jordan, I admit to exaggerating here.) My favorite subject of his are his Dog Comics, shocking!! I wanted to share some of them here, but his reprint fees are blatant. So, I will not provide free publicity for his work. Unless he emails me the go ahead. But seriously, go ahead and look!


This was taken of Mojo just prior to me dropping him off at the groomer's for a buzz cut while I enjoyed some beach time. He came back thinner. And I came back red. I should have just gone with him!

Quote of the Day

After I handed her Ice Breaker’s new sugar free sucking candy flavor, Iced Tea:

Julia: "I think that if diabetes had a flavor, this would be it.”

**Note: I loved it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Recycled Gifts

Thanks to TheDailyGreen, we can all get some divine design ideas derived from what would otherwise be garbage. While pretty much all of the 34 ideas are interesting, not all of them are so practical for me, personally. But there are some winners I really enjoy!

The CD Case Chandelier- Specific info. here.

Recycled Wine Bottle Coat Rack

Coin Chair

*Note: The Coin Chair costs $59,000. I'm going to pick a few of these babies up tonight!


My friend gave me the great idea of storing my dog food in the garbage can shown above. (Don't worry, I wiped it down with a dry paper towel first.) And the dogs only knocked it down once in psychotic excitement, so I say that's pretty much a win. The only problem with the can being kept near the front door is that I never know if they are begging to be taken outside, or if they are begging for more food. I've pretty much got it figured out though: Mojo is always begging to be taken outside, and Marley can only concentrate on one thing. Dinner. Again.

Quote of the Day

Julia: “Wait, what do you do with cocaine? You smell it?”

Me: “Snort.”

Brian: “You eat it with your nose. When you smell you are just eating molecules. When you smell poop, you are just eating poo molecules.”

Monday, June 1, 2009

Let there be light!

Quote of the Day

Carrie: “Have you ever felt snakeskin?”

Julia: “I don't wanna talk about it.”

*Ah, the fear of reptiles.