Friday, June 12, 2009

A Kitten Stole My Baby!

Alright, let's clear the air now, I wanted to say "Heart" instead of "Baby" in the title, but then you wouldn't have gotten a 30 year old movie reference that has no bearing or similarity to my story whatsoever, and what fun would that have been?

Last night, the ever-planned kitten hand-off took place, thus freeing me from a world of text messages, scheduling cancellations, and just plain waiting. A friend from high school is living with her sister who has been bottle feeding homeless newborn kittens and placing them in homes, from her own living room. And when a picture with seven (?) tiny, weensie baby kitten's made it's way to my computer screen, I decided I would do my best to help: Send a mass email. When I heard nothing for a few days, those kittens completely vanished from my memory. Fort Knox, I swear! Apparently though, my email was forwarded a few times over, and all of a sudden I had a taker. 

Now, this next part still baffles me, but I decided to pick the kitten up and drop it off, and for no good reason at all. It was really nice to see my friend from high school. And it was really nice to see the kitten's new home and owner and to help it acclimate. But you know what else is really nice? Not having my heart ripped from my chest. That's right, me, the self-proclaimed dog fanatic took one look at this half a pound kitten that looked like a stuffed animal's accessory toy, and my allergies temporarily went into hiding. 

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