Monday, August 16, 2010


Sometimes, when I get annoyed that the guy downstairs won't ever bring our shared garbage cans or recycling cans (that he personally fills about 90 percent) out to the curb, I need to reach out for some perspective. Looking at notes I took pictures of in my old apartment building's elevator always does the trick.

Also, in a two apartment house, anonymous notes get traced back to the author really fast...

Quote Of The Day

Me: “I’m in NY right now.”

Maureen: “I wish I was in NYC right now.”

Me: “I’m in Monsey.”

Maureen: “You have fun with that.”

Saturday, August 14, 2010


On today, the day of my friend D's birthday, I honor her dog, Corky. This jumpy, rodent chasing, skunk killing, snuggly Jack Russell whom you cannot touch a ball in front of unless you are prepared for three hours of fetch or severe barking is the cutest Jack Russell I have ever met. He was also Marley's first "love."

Quote Of The Day

Me: “I think I am going to head over to visit him in an hour, even though I look like 'Night of the Living Dead.'”

Jordan: “So you look like 'Everyday Aly.'”