Thursday, February 28, 2013

Quote of the Day

Jordan: "What's up?"

Me: "Nothing the sky your face."

Jordan: "Now my blood pressure."


Can you tell which twin is more mellow?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Quote of the Day

Me: "Hi, angel."

Jordan: "You're lucky I didn't eat breakfast this morning. Otherwise, it would be all over my computer."

Me: "That wouldn't bother me in the least actually."

Self Restraint

A post may or may not be coming that depicts my less than favorable feelings toward the past two months that have been 2013. The past two months that have felt like 19 of them. 19 long months.

So for now, I thought I would lighten the mood. Write about things that make me happy today.

It's cold, but not so cold that it takes effort to push forward foot by foot. It's chilly, nippy, brisk, winter- like it is supposed to be since I pay New Jersey taxes, so I shouldn't suffer through Alaska winter. But really, it's nice. Even though it's raining and gloomy, I am so thankful that I left my gloves in the car and didn't lose a digit, I couldn't care about whatever else is going on.

The wind was raging last night, so much so that when I left my house this morning, all of our garbage cans had flown all over the street. Let me explain- "we" as in myself and my downstairs neighbors have an excessive amount of recycling cans. We have three and a half cans that we generally fill with plastic and aluminum and glass. We have two garbage cans dedicated to real trash, but it's inevitably moslty filled with wee-wee pads. (There are weeks we may cook or clean or demolish, but the only thing you can really depend on is pee and poop.) When I say they flew into the street, I don't mean that they tipped over and were resting on the lip between my driveway and the street. No. That would be too easy. It's 2013, remember? These cans were everywhere, except on our property. And their contents? Most of it wasn't even able to be seen by the naked human eye. Let's just say, if there was ever a time to pray Karma didn't pin this on me, now would be the time. People's lawns were covered, I am sure sewers were affected, perhaps a car or tire could be damaged.... So I stepped out of my front door this morning and purveyed it all. It sort of stunned me for a few minutes, and I was forced into action when I realized how wet I was getting. My plan was to march up my driveway, move my car to the street and then jump out and gatehr what I could. I wasn't thrilled but I could say I was resolved. And as I turned up my driveway, I saw my downstairs neighbor had been doing the same thing. Sweet, wonderful Miles then let me know he would handle the gathering so that I could leave for work.

Miles, who also has to get to work, waved me off. On this, the day after his birthday, and I felt the deepest sense of gratitude coarsing through my veins. It wasn't that he was helping with this task, or how he helps with most tasks. It isn't that when i compare him to my previous downstairs neighbor, his halo shines bright. It's that he genuinely wants to help. It's so nice to know someone so... nice.

And sauteed broccoli raab. And hummus. Thank you for a delicious lunch.


Summing it up. Mojo frantically looking for my attention. Marley on the hunt for edibles.