Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Divorce For The Gosselins

I thought I would be original and discuss the divorce of Jon and Kate Gosselin, from Jon and Kate Plus Eight. Just kidding! I didn't know that so many people were fans of "my" show, but Us Weekly Magazine had exclusive coverage of Kate physically reprimanding one of her daughters, and the sales skyrocketed. For the first time ever, they outsold People Magazine. Impressive. I have nothing to say of Kate's alleged "daughter hitting," mostly because I refused to support Us Weekly, and also, because everything is taken out of context. If you had eight screaming children around you, your husband publicly leaving you for a trashy 23 year old school teacher from the middle of nowhere, and one of your kids misbehaved, do you think you could refrain from grabbing them forcefully?

As much flack as this family receives, I am always on Team Kate. I believe in her intentions and integrity, I like her personality and her ability to remain composed when I know if I were her, I'd be running into walls tied up in a straight jacket at the nearest mental hospital. And yes, she's been bitchy to her husband. And yes, they both have admitted that. But it was a precedent they set together, and now instead of working on it to change, he is too angry to fix anything. Apparently when his balls descended, he had enough angry testosterone flowing through him to reconcile nothing. And I know all of this, because I watched their interviews they gave on TV. And everything on TV is real.

In the midst of this media storm, last night, three late night talk show hosts gave their one line joke about this national phenomenon, and I wanted to share these with you as proof that their is nothing at all amusing, funny, or entertaining about David Letterman.

Jimmy Fallon: "This marks the first time that Jon's ever pulled out."

Conan O'Brien: "Guys, the nagging chick with eight kids is available!"

David Letterman: "Jon and Kate plus eight lawyers." (Sigh.)

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