Friday, June 19, 2009

Oh, Bonnaroo!

I've been to my fair share of live shows. Granted, they were the same shows over and over and over and over and over again, but who's counting? Am I sorry that I have spent more money on Dave Matthews tickets than I probably have for my current car? No way! If I hadn't, would I have been able to put this bad boy poem together? I think not!

You are TOO MUCH. There is SO MUCH TO SAY. You might regret that when we LIE IN OUR GRAVES. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY if I asked you to take that back? DON'T DRINK THE WATER, karma will get you. THE MAKER is watching. You should SEEK UP nicer things to say. Then you can be the PROUDEST MONKEY. RECENTLY, you were the saddest guy. You should watch ANTS MARCHING to understand true unity. We should all be DANCING NANCIES in life. We can experience THE BEST OF WHAT'S AROUND. We can DRIVE IN, DRIVE OUT anywhere we want. It's a TYPICAL SITUATION with happy people and TRIPPING BILLIES. Let's do a TWO STEP by the WAREHOUSE, and RAPUNZEL can visit, we have to get her at THE LAST STOP. And not on HALLOWEEN, because she'll be visiting THE DREAMING TREE with her PIG. I know you have a CRUSH on her though, but I think she is BUSTED STUFF. And if you marry her, you are DIGGING A DITCH because her GRACE IS GONE. She hooked up with her CAPTAIN, a BARTENDER, on GREY STREET. YOU NEVER KNOW who will cheat on you and who will CRY FREEDOM. She is TOO MUCH, but don't worry, YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU GET, and you'd be a FOOL TO DREAM HER, EVERYDAY, she isn't an ANGEL. Not even WHEN THE WORLD ENDS.

But the show I have never made it to was Bonnaroo. I have had this inexplicable urge to go, you know, to experience the Woodstock of my generation. But I don't camp. I like showers, and mattresses, and deodorant, and dry feet, and personal space. So, until now, I didn't know there was this incredible middle ground, and I thought I would share it with everyone here if you were also in the dark: Fuse TV is featuring a Best Of Bonnaroo set!!

Oh, and Free Love, Man.

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