Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New York Shitty

I mean no disrespect. I love Manhattan with its rotten garbage smells and overpriced walk-in closet converts. I love sitting in dead stopped traffic. Really, it's a blast. And now, thatgreenpointblog, aka is pointing out some Brooklyn highs. Actually, this blog points out a lot of things I love about the city. And I will refrain from saying, "It's the energy." So I will say: It's the vigor? It's the liveliness? Or vitality? Or verve? It's the energy and leave me alone about it. 

Where else can you find indoor furniture being thrown out with artwork peeking out?
L.A.? Maybe. Seattle? Maybe, but it would be soaked by the time a photographer showed up. Utah? Maybe, but the people in the painting would be fully clothed. Louisiana? Paint melts outside. See? New York is special!!

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