Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blondes Vs. Brunettes

Thanks to jezebel, I have been made aware of the age old question lingering in every nine year olds mind: Will Archie end up with Betty or Veronica? And the answer is: Brunettes for the win! The article is Here.

But far more interesting than Archie Andrews choices are Dylan McKay's. 
Now, there's "An Open Letter To Archie Andrews From Dylan McKay." Deep:

I gotta tell ya, Arch, life is a rough road that must be traveled alone, unless you happen upon a hot chick like Bren or Kel who understands how deep you are and will let you have sex with them at the prom, or in the pool, or in your house where you basically live alone because your parents just aren't there for you, man. Guys like you and me have decisions to make, hearts to break, and love to take. It is what it is, bro.
When Dylan chose the blonde, I was devastated:

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