Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An Easy No.

So I was perusing Media Life, came upon this article and wanted to share this excerpt:

Finally, in this morning's last bit of Sheen news, the actor is hiring an intern. His ad on promises an eight-week paid gig this summer to someone who is "all about winning." The job will include increasing Sheen's followers on Twitter, which now number 2.35 million.
Can you imagine being the parent of the kid who gets hired for that job? The list of reminders you'd need to run down each morning would probably be as exhausting as just entirely monitoring them during the day in person. Don't touch the hookers! Don't use the bathroom! Stay away from things that say baby powder, baking soda, ash, salt, sugar, powdered sugar, and definitely coke! Don't listen to your employer, don't let him touch you! And remember: it's not about winning; this is a lose-lose scenario.

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