Tuesday, March 8, 2011

If You Pay In Full...

So I just got this incredible email from my Chase Slate credit card account. It went beyond the limits of ordinary stupidity that I have become immune to and just accept as a major part of life. Basically, this truly unique credit card is now not only explaining to me how if I were to pay my entire credit card balance at once, I would avoid interest charges; it is also offering me the opportunity to do just that! I should go ahead and close all of my other accounts with any other credit card, because all of the others would never let me pay my full balance at once.

What's that? They allow you to pay as much as you want? You can even pay over the amount that you owe and have any overage act as a balance credit in your account? Well, the all of the other credit cards must charge you interest even when the whole balance is paid in full.

Oh, yeah? Well, then, hmmm... Do those credit cards work in stores, too? Are they made out of plastic and have this really cute rectangular box on the back that you can choose to sign your very own name in? Do other credit cards send you REALLY stupid emails?

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