Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan's 8.9 Earthquake

I am sending out my warm wishes and prayers to those already affected and those still waiting to be affected by Japan's 8.9 killer Earthquake that has caused massive Tsunami's to go through Hawaii and start penetrating the entire West Coast of the United States. It can be easy for these words to become desensitized. Earthquakes by the Pacific Ocean. Tsunami's starting in Asia. Rain falling from dark clouds. It is, thankfully, sometimes difficult to imagine the magnitude of natural disasters. Do you know what I do when one of the lanes in the Lincoln Tunnel is shut down because of a fender bender? I try to determine that the accident did, in fact, have no fatalities. Then I wonder how it could be physically possible that there isn't someone with more that 19 brain cells in their head that can get a third lane to merge with two active ones. How come all three lanes stop moving when only the left one has a delay? Then I text or call work. Maybe a friend or two to try and see where they are stuck or if they were one of the lucky ones that escaped the frenzy.

It really is unfathomable to imagine water slamming into our streets and lifting up cars and entire houses and demolishing bridges. Forget about trying to wrap my head around losing someone, or many someone's. To help better visualize, or memorialize, and to never trivialize, the LA Times has put together this amazing photographic compilation, on a dime, might I had.

A tried and true welcome place for donations: The Red Cross.

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