Friday, March 25, 2011

Chocolate Shake From Heaven

Chayvone: Aly, I need your honest opinion on something. How was the McCafe shake?

Me: Honestly, it was a cup of HEAVEN on this Planet. And to be honest some more, I am upset that I am not having one right now. I would give up food for that shake. HEAVEN.

Chayvone: SWEEET! I'm going to go indulge in HEAVEN on EARTH!

Me: I wish I was smart enough to think of that, before I wasted my calories on this stupid salad.

Soon after...

Chayvone: Words can't explain the great sensation that is flowing through me with this GREAT ICE CREAM CONCOCTION... I CAN'T PUT IT DOWN... I CAN'T PUT IT DOWN!!!!!!!!

I'm a pusher.

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