Thursday, May 5, 2011

Subway Superstar

I was trying to figure out what my Cinco De Mayo lunch would be, since I know that Margarita's are really difficult to get delivered. Why don't I live in Texas? There are so few days that I can actually craft into a theme, I wanted to take full advantage. For instance, I started my day off with a fruit and yogurt parfait. Fruit is colorful, like the Mexican flag. And a great person, Sonthia, decided to throw some more doubt into my mix.

Sonthia: "I have an orchard chicken salad sandwich from Subway! It's this month's $5 foot long. I had it for the first time last year (seasonal) and loved it!"

And I suppose right after I praised her realistic impersonation of someone getting paid to promote this food product, she hit a home run in sales. I need to sit down with her for some tactical training. She sent me this:

Totally made my day! Thank you, Subway!

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