Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quote of the Day

This was technically overheard last night. The night of torrential rains and thunder that shook office buildings. The night where I was fully prepared to be the person who pays a cab to drive me one mile without actually wearing a full body cast. Why? Because I did not wear a coat last night. And my shirt was white. And my bra was not. And after a ten and a half hour work day, if someone would have suggested to me that taking the time to really enjoy the rain as a beautiful gift from Mother Nature, I would have drowned them in a glorious pot hole from misappropriated tax funds. But I guess all of my good karma I was exuding out wasn't interpreted properly, because while I saw well over 500 cabs, not one of them was available. So I walked. And the bra coming through the shirt? I mean the light at the end of the tunnel? This conversation:

Lost, soaked woman: "Excuse me, is this 6th and 7th?"

Too kind, getting soaked woman: "No, this is 6th Avenue. 7th is that way."

Lost, soaked and getting angrier woman: "I know that! But is this 6th AND 7th?"

Too kind, wet woman: "No, it can't be both. You are on 6th Ave. I am walking towards 7th, which is not the same place as 6th."

Lost, soaked and indignant screaming woman: "What is wrong with you? IS. THIS. SIXTH. AND. Se-Vennnnnnn-th?!?"

Stupidly kind, completely soaked woman: "This is 6th. 7th is there. Want me to show you?"

At which point, I walked away. Because much like watching Elmer Fudd chase after Bugs Bunny, it's amusing for about 40 seconds and then you want to join in on the madness screaming, "Why would you not have already walked away, idiots?" Also, my purple bra was drawing a crowd.

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