Friday, January 21, 2011

A Little Gym Etiquette

I recently joined Blink Fitness, and what I enjoy most about it is all of the machines, or the cheap price, or the location. Those are smart answers. What I really like are the little notes that the designers leave all over the walls in random spots. For instance, one says something along the lines of "Grunting. No. Do we really need to go there?" That's how I would handle it in my own make believe gym. Actually, it would read more like, "Grunting. No. Do we really need to go there? Because I will, mister! I will mic you up and have the whole parking lot hear how loud you're grunting for your 30 pound weights. Sticking your chest out does not make you appear taller. And grunting does not make you seem stronger. The opposite, for both, actually."

I think in my make believe gym, I might be assassinated. Apparently by an angry, loud, short, weak man. Oh, what grunting can lead to!

Thankfully Slate is here to help us through some potentially awkward gym scenarios with some Gym Etiquette here.

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