Thursday, December 16, 2010

Time's Top 10's of '10

Time put together a great list of a slew of Top Ten's for 2010. At least, I think. I can't judge. I have decided that instead of lightly scanning this list, and chuckling or wiping away tear of remembrance, I am going to study it in depth, and do research. Why, you may ask? So that in 15 years from now, when I'm sitting around a table with friends playing Trivial Pursuit of the late 2000's, I will maybe have a slight, almost insignificant inkling to lean in the direction of not-the-worst-answer possible. It's all about realistic expectations.

Here's THE List.

And in an effort to save face, I knew about the Volcano (I was there), and Breaking Bad (Awesome), and bedbugs, because my life is cloaked in fear commuting publicly into the infested playground for disease that is New York City.

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