Monday, December 6, 2010

Marriage Without Divorce?

A long time ago, I decided that my generation wouldn't experience divorce en mass anywhere near as much as my parent's generation did.

This is what I do: Make over arching political and socioeconomic decisions that I have zero control or influence over in my own head.

And contrary to my personal arguments for my opinion, the track records of those around me, in my generation, speak to the opposite of my opinion. Keep in mind, these preconceived notions on everlasting love were created and determined and decided upon when I was probably 12 years old. Sitting in my room, singing along to some Toni Braxton, knowing that if Michael Douglas' wife in Fatal Attraction could forgive him, then marriage without divorce would be real for my generation. Maybe Fatal Attraction isn't the best place to learn about weighty issues like: Rabbits are edible, or Opera lovers are not of sound mind. Or is it?

I always thought how when my parent's generation made irrational decisions jumping into marriage, it was because they could. Arranged marriages and abstinence and dating and young adulthood and independence were words and phrases that were re-defined. And as they continue to be defined, I was sure that we would be able to see what worked, and what definitely did not work, and to make smart, permanent decisions. It just seems like those decisions are defined differently from person to person. I have friends happily married, for now, but more of them are either happily or unhappily divorced. And a few of them are sticking it out Old School: staying unhappily married.

But those people, these examples, all thought marriage was a next step, the way to go, the only option or their best one. What is more interesting is listening to the social echo of the unmarried. I have a good friend of mine, as single and unattached as a person could be, and

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