Friday, February 5, 2010


To those of you who don't know me, or more specifically, my dogs, this photo might seems disgustingly sweet. Two adoring dogs, gazing gently at me. I have decided to de-shrowd any misconceptions right here and right now: Both Marley and Mojo are wildy obsessed with lip gloss. While other puppies might chew on wires or sneakers or chocolate bars, both of my dogs at different times sought out chapsticks (flavored or not), lipstick, lip gloss, vaseline and anything else that was waxy and toying the line between edible and not. Price didn't matter. They consumed $14 dollar lipstick tubes as wholeheartedly as they embraced $0.69 containers of cocoa butter. A personal concession has been skipping the lip fringe. And when I forget, they remind me. Above, I am smiling, but right below the frame, I am grasping them both and holding them away from my lips. It's not worth the shine.

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