Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This was taken on Million Dollar Mile. But that could just be my dad's cute name for this little strip of paradise. This long, thin almost peninsula-like pice of land is its own island just off of the shore of Westhampton Beach. The intercoastal is on one side between it and New York, and on the other side is the open Atlantic Ocean. I love driving up and down this Mile, looking at these spectacular homes with indescribable views, and splashing in ever-present flooded spots on the road. What is most interesting, though, is that there is no flood insurance given to these homes. People build them for $20 million, or more, and they live with the knowledge that a storm could come and wipe their homes out completely. And that stops nobody there from going all out, because when money is no object, fear doesn't come into the equation. So I drive by in my $20,ooo car and fear for them.

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