Friday, July 10, 2009

Dylan Vs. Luke

Who wasn't in love with Dylan McKay? Liars. What was their not to love? He was a bad boy who read Keats and quoted dated poets. He was an unsupervised teenager with his own craftsman style bungalow in Beverly Hills with a shiny black Porche. He like surfing, and curling up in front of the TV watching a movie. And while he was a cheater, and a drug addict, and always the alcoholic, he was a romantic. Sure, he suffered from severe PTSD, was addicted to guns, was indecisive and stubbornly "too cool" for socializing with the common folk, and he had a severely receding hairline for a high school student. Still, if anyone denies loving Dylan, I say nay.

Thanks to a 'Member Them on TMZ, we can all know that Dylan McKay was bigger than life, and Luke Perry's forehead is now bigger than life. See for yourselves:

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