Tuesday, May 26, 2009


These were taken at an actual castle in Tarrytown Sunday evening, The Castle On The Hudson. Let's focus on the positives: I recognized this castle as the castle I went to for my stepmother's surprise bridal shower. It was beautiful. There was oxygen in the air so that one could logistically breath in and out at whatever rate one chooses. Let's not focus on the negatives: That we were at the wrong castle in Tarrytown for the wedding we were running late for, because my mother decided to ask the ever-busy groom for handwritten directions while he was saying goodbye to everyone during his rehearsal dinner instead of following the professionally typed directions that everyone was sent in their invitations while she screamed at me for stopping and asking directions after she screamed at me for not stopping and asking directions while my car was in motion and the passersby were clearly tourists snapping pictures in front of town signs and wearing big neon flashing hats with "I AM A TOURIST AND WILL IN NO WAY BE ABLE TO HELP YOU NAVIGATE YOUR WAY AROUND THIS FOREIGN TOWN." It was great, I'm sorry you missed it.

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