Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jon And Kate 4 Eva!

I have this weird personality trait, I am wondering now if it's common in other people.... But basically, if I see a show from its very first episode, I feel almost as if it belongs to me. For instance, when Beverly Hills 90210 started, I watched it, through awkward character introductions and never ending story lines, I was hooked. A few-ish-to-maybe-five (?) years ago, I saw an hour long documentary video on TLC of this chubby brunette woman, her Asian-American husband, their twin girls, and sextuplets. Not only did their unimaginable life situation intrigue me, but their marriage did. 

I watched Kate transform into a tan and skinny blond, and Jon gain weight, lose hair, then gain hair and lose weight while their show was picked up, created and seen by almost everyone I know. I saw their babies turn into toddlers turn into little people, through awkward baldness and speech impediments and screaming fits, and now they are amazing. And while the reason I watched may have been "I had to since I saw them from the beginning," the reason I love it is because they have a supportive marriage that I thought wasn't possible. She would scream, and he would ignore the negatives. He would forget something huge, and she would shrug it off. I feel like in certain instances, it's easy to call Kate unsupportive or easily angered, but those naysayers are morons.

How many women do you know that could raise 8 children, two older girls and the rest all one competitive age together, while being conscious of their every activity, their every meal and snack and life lesson? And I thought that Jon knew that his poor wife was in a constant state of overwhelmed so he overlooked her snipping every so often as part of the deal. Because I will be honest, if I was in her situation, I would be a screaming, neurotic tree-dweller who spent all of her money on baby sitters and pre-made meals and cleaning crews and Advil. I loved how confident this husband and wife were in the power of their marriage, and in forgiveness, and how they treated each other as most people can only treat themselves.

And last night, during this season's premier of Jon And Kate Plus Eight, my fairy tale came crashing down. Now, it hasn't burned yet, although that could still be coming, but they were definitely more apart then together. Not forgiving or understanding, but just calm and resigned. I HATE CALM AND RESIGNED. Everyone can be calm and resigned. I haven't been this upset as a dissolving of a marriage since Jen and Brad split up. I wonder if home wrecking Angelina had her claws in this situation, too. After all, we are talking about a lot of small partially Asian kids...

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