Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thoughts On A Slow Loris

What is a Loris? Allow me to show you, because video is worth a million words: 

I thought it was creepy. As I've said before, my love for animals is not unilateral. I like my few, and that's about it. Also, anything in the vermin family terrifies me. But I do have a heart, and any animal that lifts its arms in the air for some tickling can't be all bad. Thankfully, WikiAnswers exists to enlighten the world. Here is the truth about the Loris. 

Some quick points on why to not own, touch, or like a Loris:
  • The Loris bite is toxic.
  • The Loris secretes a foul smelling toxin from its elbows which it licks and then delivers with a bite.
  • The Loris also marks its territory with urine. Constantly. For the span of its entire life.
Apparently, you can get one for twenty bucks, though. And as Brian says, "What can you actually get for twenty bucks nowadays?"

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