Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Idol Recap- Season 8

Last night was the ever-dreaded "Disco Night." Fever? I think not. My trepidation seemed to be fairly warranted. I understand and appreciate the need to have each artist plucked from their comfort zone and be forced to prove themselves a lendable asset to everything. But at the same time: A. I do not have to like it. And B. Mot amazing artists of all time could not be plucked from their genre and sound great elsewhere. Imagine The Beatles attempting to emulate hard punk. Or Mariah Carey producing a hip hop album. Well, the latter has sadly been tried. Imagine any artist today creating a full disco album and have it not tank. But since that is the hand they were dealt, I of course felt compelled to watch.

First singer of the night was Lil Rounds, who chose to sing "I'm Every Woman." I know she has been quickly sinking to the bottom of my list in this competition, but I would like to make it clear that I love this song, and I foolishly thought she would be able to produce on this number. Wrong! It started out as "average karaoke," and then it dipped into bad karaoke at about the halfway point. At the end it physically hurt to listen to. And I kept wondering why she looked so pleased with herself throughout the song... The judges agreed. And surprise, surprise, she disagreed with the judges. Her ego is the size of her ass.

Too soon?

Kris Allen was second up, singing "She Works Hard For The Money," By Donna Summer. Maybe Kris/Chris is just a lucky name to have on the American Idol stage. It wasn't his best performance, but he adapted the song to suit himself and today, and the judges really seemed to love him. 

Danny Gokey picked "September" by Earth Wind and Fire. He completely sang his heart out! I loved how he sounded, even if I didn't like the song choice or the few changes he made to the composition. Paula said, "As a woman, I will say you have the sexiest voice ever!" Is that why I
like him so much? Hmmm....

Fourth up was Allison Iraheta with "Hot Stuff." I wanted Simon to ask her what her outfit was about, but I guess in Disco, anything goes. I thought, again, she had a great song choice, but for some reason, her voice irked me. It was all in the same range and words blurred together. She is still in the running for me, but I thought this was a weaker night. The judges disagreed and gave her glowing praise.

Adam Lambert was next. Oh, Adam Lambert. He sang "If I Can't Have You," completely reworking the song. He infused so much emotion that when Paula started tearing up, I came very close to following suit. But what was most interesting to me about last night's performance was that he pretty much didn't move any part of his body. His feet were planted still, his non-mic holding arm stayed by his side, and to convey that much passion through his voice and eyes, I am just shocked he isn't someone everyone knew way before this competition started. I don't think anyone has, or deserves, a shot at winning this competition with Adam still in it.

Last week's judges save, Matt Giraud, chose to sing "Staying Alive." I think he absolutely justified the judges saving him last week, even with a song that I don't like. He brought to life the uptempo beat while keeping a soulful twist in the song. I loved his performance.

And the final and seventh performer of the night was Anoop Desai singing "Dim All The Lights." His first couple of notes were weak. Then he really sang the song well, albeit personally a little boring. And then the very last two notes, the ones that will ring last in all voter's ears were terrible. Off-key, and so bad that Anoop himself couldn't even help but wince. I think the judges didn't focus on the bad notes, because they know that it will be his last song he will ever sing on American Idol. Poor Anoop has been in the bottom every single week, whether he has deserved to be or not. And now, he deserves to be. I think Anoop and Lil will definitely be singing their goodbyes next.

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