Saturday, March 8, 2014

100 Happy Days

Can I actually commit to updating a post every single day for 100 days? Or better yet, can I actually find 100 different things that I encounter in a day for 100 days straight that make me happy? A funnier project would be, "100 Crazy Days," or "100 People To Avoid." But I am going to be positive- who doesn't enjoy reading up on someone's boring, cute, not at all amusing happiness items? ME. So I will not be re-reading my posts. I will also not promise that there won't be repeats. And there may be large spans for time, like the 9 days I will be in Florida without internet possibly in April, that I will have to catch up on. Seriously, though, I like this idea. Forcing myself to find, and commemorate, the beauty in every day. I notice it, don't get me wrong. But while I am looking off into the trees, seeing a sweet single blossom poking its way from a curvy, deep branch, with the perfect backdrop of early dawn sun surfacing through other trees beyond the horizon, someone starts to honk at me and I lose that image- forever. In an effort to try to hold on to some of that, here goes 100 Happy Days. Day One.
Marley and Mojo- surely to be repeat offenders on my list. They embody happiness, and today, when I didn't have to set an alarm, and didn't care that I opened my eyes closer to lunch than breakfast, I am really on their level. And if I could relax with my leg in the air like Mojo, I would have 1,000 happy days incorporating advanced yoga into very advanced lounging.

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