Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Quote of the Day

Jordan: "I wore a wool jacket today... It's gunna be 72 soon. I looked like an idiot with a jacket on."

Me: "I'm sure you didn't."

Jordan: "People were wearing shirts.I had a fur hat on and a scarf made of live sheep. Still think I looked appropriate? I was walking with those snow shoes with the holes in them, like flippers, but made of wicker. There were ice picks hanging from my safety harness which was tightly secured to my hip."

Me: "Well, I'm sure nobody was looking at you."

Jordan: "Alyson, I was being pulled by 6 siberian huskies tied to a sled. I was involuntarily whipping them because my years of training became my natural instinct."

Me: "It's New York City. People don't look around at others."

Jordan: "I HAD TO AMPUTATE MY LEFT FOOT DUE TO FROSTBITE! You still think people werent looking?"

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