Monday, August 13, 2012

Heat Vs. Bites

So- It is O-F-F-I-C-I-A-L. Meaning not just to me, or in my opinion... it has been HOT, people!! Like, bring your deodorant stick out with you because an application an hour will do your neighbors good. I haven't worn pants on the weekend unless explicitly told to do so, either. If it weren't for long flowy maxi dresses, I think I would be a complete hermit. It's so hot that air conditioning is only working within two feet of the unit and I haven't even made an attempt to do my hair in three months. And here is the official CNN story, letting me know that I do not have an extremely long lasting fever:

Now, I don't actually think there are words that I possess that could even come close to accurately sharing the pain that mosquito's have, and continue to, inflict on my every moment of every day. I have been getting eaten alive this summer. Everywhere. And I have done everything. I have gone through three different brands of bug sprays, I rub myself down with a Bounce dryer sheet and stick the left over sheet in my pocket, sandal, ponytail. I sit closest to citronella candles, then I try to sit farthest. I ignore the itch. I floriously give myself in to the fervent satisfying straching that offers the most temporary bliss. I have woken up scratching myself. I have woken up countless times just feeling that incredibly itchy. My feet have been covered, every inch of my legs, arms, back, shoulder, stomach, neck, face. I am waiting for my eyeball to get stung. Then I will take a picture and share it with you. But allow me to paint a picture...

Me. sleep deprived. Almost insane from months of relentless torture. Hair that cannot be tamed. Make-up slipping off of my face. Wearing one of five flowy dresses in succession of one another.

Is there a place where mosquito's don't live? And why do they live? What evolutionary purpose to the provide now? We can spread disease fairly well amongst out our species, than you very much.

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