Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Visiting (Near) Rochester

Work is bringing me to the far North tomorrow afternoon. Highway driving on a highway with nothing but highway behing me and highway ahead and highway tunes blasting... I could handle a day like that. I will be staying about 40 minutes west and a little bit south of Rochester, NY and I mentioned the trip to a friend of mind currently working towards a pharmaceutical degree in that same city I thought I would never get to see again- by choice. Here are his words of advice:

Scott: "Make sure your wiper fluid is full. Soooooo many bugs...I hit one that might have been a small bird. Really. And then I puked."

Me: "Well, I am driving a rental, and I am pro-bug murder. So I will be fine."

Scott: "Let's just say I pulled into a rest stop strictly to clean my windshield."
I can just hear myself questioning the car rental advisor assigned to me tomorrow morning... While people around me are asking about gas mileage and smoking policies, I will be asking about potency of windshield wiper fluid.

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