Friday, April 13, 2012

Thoughts of the Yesterday

Getting more than one thing accomplished after work makes me feel like Martha friggin' Stewart.

Why is there a piece of broken plastic or glass on my pillow in my bed?

My Crock Pot hates me. Maybe I should be testing out a different one to see if this one is particulary against me or if they stand united.

I need to go through my clothing desperately. I have nothing to wear and nowhere to put all of the many nothing's.

It can be fun to exact revenge on my dog. Speaking of dogs- Marley is never getting a bite of human food again. Five string beans turned into a half pound of vomit within three minutes. I wonder if the circus would be interested in a barter of some sort...

It's almost Friday. Fri-Da-Ay!

Why does a twelve bottle case of Diet Snapple feel twice as heavy as a twelve pack case of beer?

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