Friday, April 13, 2012

Thanks, Gwneyth Paltrow

Many, many moons ago, I joined Miss Paltrow's mailing list, where she proves that sometimes life isn't fair. Some people really do look like that AND manage their personal lives well AND act well AND sing well AND articulate thir feeling successfully through the landscape known as the written word AND know how to cook AND who knows what else? I will have to keep reading to find out just how lucky some people can be. Jealousy isn't quite it... It's more... Hope. I have hope to one day morph into the me version of her. Did I mention I prepared food yesterday? Almost all by myself! While I did laundry. And cleaned. I was practically Gwyneth last night, just sayin'.

In her most recent mailing list creation I was just reading, she compiled a lit of great gift ideas for men at all different ages. While I never close my mind to the idea of a great new gift, and while her ideas were great, her suggestions just made my paycheck feel like a slumped over homeless man in need of a shower. With rabies. Lists like this sometimes make me wonder what I would do with practically unlimited discretionary income. Would I actually buy someone a $275 dollar candle? Because I think I could splurge- get a pricey $25 dollar candle, and then the recipent and I could spend some quality time together just burned the leftover dollars.

I Hope The World's Best Candle

Pretentious Parfum
"Inspired by Greek Mythology, Amber Oud is borned of Heliades Tears. This amber, born out of sadness yet then used to create beauty in times of joy and celebration, is what inspired the creation of Amber Oud." Mmmm. You smell like sadness and beauty.

Custom Profile Rug
I want to step on your face. So do you. Totally worth $3,500.

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