Friday, April 27, 2012


The picture online showed a Beagle sitting inside this collapsable dog house, happy as can be. The picture on the box when it was delivered was also a Beagle, but a very very young one. Miss Marley doesn't fit inside, Mojo would never want anything to do with it... I don't know anyone with a tiny dog... So what am I to do?

Try to bribe them in by throwing treats inside! And yet another misstep in outsmarting the hounds. They each were able to stick their heads in and remove the treats without much effort whatsoever. But I successfully piqued Marley's interest. Food- who would have thought? After a few aggressive sniffs, realizing that there were no more treats inside- at least not the way she was used to looking- she pounced on the top of this precarioulsy assembled felt waste of money and then attached the roof. I guess it was a nice change of pace from her attacking the hair and skin on her own forearms.

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