Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Patton on Romney

People like to blame or credit social media with being the funnel for which certain (ah-hem) generations receive their news from. I, for one, always believe everything I read on the internets. Because if there is one thing you can bank on, it's that people are genuinely good and that only secure news sources have hacking abilities. My main source of news information has always been Saturday Night Live. And since some episodes can pass by without even a single genuine chuckle, it seems liegitimate to me to call it a news source of sorts.

Last night, Patton Oswalt was generously tweeting some updates on Mitt Romney's speech. Now, please don't embarrass yourself by asking me details on the speech, or really anything regarding this odd first named fellow's anything, because I will refrain from answering to spare your pride. HERE is Patton's Twitter Feed! (He and I are totally on a first name basis.) And here are some of his highlights...


"America is where if you are Christian or Muslim or anything at all there is opportunity and church. Jews also."

"America doesn't ask what. We question the answers that are there. There there. Bear."

"It will be dinner after. But now is before that and now America. The future."

"White children and black women and wheelchairs. Farmers. Everyone is allowed."

"The highways are flat and black. To drive on. Cars go."

"America. We are all alive here and living here."

Ah, to be old and insane...

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