Friday, April 20, 2012

Parkway Lanes

I just looked down at my fingers and thought for a moment, "I wonder why my one thumb nail is so much shorter than my other one." And no, it's not my crack thumb- my cracked thumb maybe. And then I remembered- I went bowling! This past weekend, tons of people were missing, a bunch of great people were there. There was bowling, and beverages, and pre-teens prancing around too cool to bowl with us, and too young to talk to the grown men ogling them. So what is a thirteen year old girl to do with her cousin? Lock arms, walk in and out of the ladies room touching up eyeliner and secretly eating sugar packets, of course! I was a bit of a mess- fresh from getting a Keratin treatment in my hair, I opted for a sweatshirt, my blanket of hair coating my neck and back, and I am lifting heavy balls and throwing them. And it was muggy outside, with on and off minor drizzles, but fairly warm. Smooth move. I was trying to stay cool- getting through the Jameson quickly, to suck on the leftover ice cubes. I wasn't all too successful.

And despite my laughable form, my overhanded toss of an eight pound bowling ball that I was wished was six, that clipped pieces of my thumbnail off with at least every other toss, I won a game. That's correct. I heard Omayra and Shaun laughing about my inability to really "bowl" the ball traditionally. But I take pride in the fact that I am not doing the double handled open legged squat to propel the ball down to lane. And even though there was a misspelling, I won!!

In normal circumstances, I would have taken many more pictures- but these were the only two taken for the night. They work.

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