Monday, April 30, 2012

The Meaning of YOLO

There are times in my life where curiousity beats out pride. It happens often, to be honest. But when it comes to abbreviated terms, or made up infantile acronyms, I really try to stay in the dark. I have fallen prey to a few. JK. Not that I am kidding, but that it was in my mix for a while there. LOL is another good one. And for those of you who have creative or different meanings for LOL aside from Laugh Out Loud- You are wrong. Period. My friend Oudom really resisted my use of LOL for a while. He thought it was as obnoxious as me sitting there saying LMFAOROFL. I would never. And for typing that out, I will probably have Karma react swiftly and mortify me somehow before the day is out.

My self-defense with using LOL is that I do, in fact, laugh out loud, all the time. If I am typing it out to you, there is a 98% chance that a sound came out of me in repsonse to your previous comment. The idiosynchrasies of digital expression are far too deep to delve into on my caffeineless brain.

Anyway, so I have been seeing a lot of YOLO's around the interwebs, and finally, when my curiosity moved from a shoulder shurg to a burrowed brow, I Google'd it. You Only Live Once. Really? How often do you need to say that, future Ghandi's of the world. Knowing the definition made it so much worse for me! It would have been better if I discovered the meaning to be, Yes! Olives Love Oranges! Or, Yellow-Orange Lithuanian Ostriches! You Only Live Once... So please don't waste any more of this one saying that. But if you ARE in the mood to waste some time...

I am thinking this site could capture my attention for hours, as I fall less in love with mankind- except for the empowering Scotch makers of the world. Thank you, the UK! Below, please find some quick standouts, as I glanced through my page of results for deciphering YOLO.

IFF- Internet Friends Forever. Speechless.
ATWA- All The Way Alive. Damn Shame.
IKWYL- I Know Where You Live. This one is cool! Really. I like you. We can be more than internet friends if that works better for you...
WAPCE- Women Are Pure Concentrated Evil. LOL.

And the best one of the page?

TTC- Trying To Conceive. Well, maybe when you're all growned up, your parents can sit down and talk with you about logisitics.

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