Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Shady Dell

Classic 1950's Americana- who isn't drawn to it? Kitchy and unique and filled with surprises. From a design standpoint, nothing has ever been like it, and if anything will be in the future, it will be directly derived from this movement. I stop everything I am doing when a period piece streams across my TV screen. (Let's not focus on the fact that "stopping what I'm doing" usually just entails not clicking the up or down button any longer.) I love the Avocado Appliances and the fruit imprinted wallpaper, the checkerboard floors and all of the wonder that was The Wonder Years.

I found this article where the very fortunate Tom Rhodes was able to travel to Bisbee, Arizona and experienced an untouched vintage trailer park. I can't say I am normally jealous of such a find, but today, absolutely.

Also, I wanted to say that Ashna Rodjan, the photographer, is so incredible it made my point and shoot pointer finger quiver just a bit.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Aly Beth,
I love the way you write! Thanks a million for the photo credit and compliment!
Love, Ashna Rodjan