Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Motion Sickness Begone

Have you ever been friends with someone, hung out with them time and time again and then woken up one day realizing you are inequivocably in love with their beauty which had previously somehow managed to elude your every sense? Well, that didn't exactly happen to me last night. Unless you are the kind of person who thinks characters on TV and in movies are real, and even moreso, are your friends. I mean, we can all agree that Tyler Durdan is real- but other than that, you may want to speak to someone about that.

I am referring to the enormously talented Ryan Gosling. Most of my friends have been swooning over him since he was cast as the lead in the unrealistically heartbreakingly romantic Murder By Numbers. Just kidding! put your knives away. The Notebook. I loved that movie, I of course recognized my old friend Ryan from that previous Sandra Bullock movie that I purchased on DVD long before I mastered the concept of quality vs. quantity. And let's not even mention OnDemand or, sigh, Netflix. I just couldn't jump on the "Ryan is the hottest thing on the universe" bandwagon even though his character was Prince Charming reincarnated. (That usually doesn't entirely do it for me anyway.)

I have seen Stay, Lars and the Real Girl, Blue Valentine, Fracture... and I have had a growing appreciation of his art. That separation of art and face ended last night. It ended about three seconds after the opening credits stopped playing in Drive. A movie where he says very little, ends up being a little bit of a bad guy- and those of you who have seen it may disagree by the "little" part, and I was hooked! That's just what I had to ramble off of my chest. You are welcome.

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