Monday, August 8, 2011

Gump Snapshot

I went with the wonderful, amazing, sweet, easily amused Sunita M. for some overpriced food and drinks in the heart of Times Square. We chose Bubba Gump Shrimp Co mostly due to the fact that we were not seeing eye to eye on a single thing. And I, as usual, had the Port Authority as my end goal. The food was fine. The drinks were kitchy. The drink glasses got to come home with us. But the really exciting thing was that upon entering this two story homage to Forrest Gump and all aspects of the movie, I really felt transported from miserable Manhattan to a (slightly) more peaceful Alabama.

In the world of all you can eat Brazilian BBQ, the red sign is literal. It means stop bringing trays of exotic meats by. And green, also self-explanatory: keep it coming! So, in my worldly knowledge of non-verbal communications with restaurant signage, I knowingly informed Sunita that if she needed the waiter, to put the blue/green up, and if she needed nothing, to keep the red up. The red went up. And every waiter in the place stopped at our booth asking what they could help us with. Apparently, "Run" means keep going and "Stop" means, stop. I forgot we were in Forrest Gump Land.

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