Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Little Dos Caminos

Dos Equis. Dos Caminos. DOH's! I am game. I (finally) made my way over to Dos Caminos Park in midtown last week. And don't let that sentence fool you. Now that I work in midtown, I eat hear less frequently than I ever have. But when I have heard the name of a restaurant enough times, I usually cajole my way into trying one out. It just so happens that this restaurant is across the street from the former Houston's, and if anyone knows me, or my father, or my brother, you would know that if we are near a Houston's, that is where we will be eating.

Thankfully, the decision was out of my hands. And into my stomach. The food was excellent and beautiful. Apparently the Margarita's are killer, but I can only attest to their Jameson being as expected on the alcohol front. For appetizers, I shared a guacamole that was amazing, which I refrained from photographing as the meal was just underway. As the alcohol warmed my shred of inhibition, I snapped a quick and klutsy shot of my main meal.

It was a black angus skirt steak with oven dried tomato and chipotle salsita, beans with pork, and the most amazing grilled asparagus I have ever eaten. Can you tell I am ready for dinner?

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