Monday, June 6, 2011

What A Weekend

This weekend chewed on my nerves and spit out what sits here typing away. I figure that remembering this weekend may bring other situations into focus.

It started with my Friday evening nap taking over my entire Friday night. The dogs are always too willing to curl up next to me and sleep. So one night down. But after working and commuting over 12 hours every day last week, I am pretty sure my body was making the decision for me in the never ending conundrum of Social Life VS. Pneumonia.

Saturday morning, my friend Melissa and I went to an introductory class all about learning how to use your SLR camera. The one that I thought I bought myself for turning old this past year and now it sits on top of my shelf staring at me all the time as a reminder that at some point in my life, I am going to have to overcome my debilitating fear of manuals and actually sit down to read one. We arrive to the classroom, kept at a brisk 45 degrees with blasting air conditioner, for what I believe was that the owner of the building is under the misconception that any of us have actual film in our cameras and that the rest of the town was enveloped in flames so he wanted to keep someone's film cold. He done good. But after sitting down, I learned that I, in fact, do not have an SLR camera and that my advanced "Point-And-Shoot" would not be addressed at all in this class. So I spent what turned in to two and a half hours learning how to use a camera that I do not exist. And towards the end of the class, the teacher started asking if anyone was sweating. I broke into a cold sweat just thinking about the air getting cooler.

Melissa later pointed out that I was still severely sun burned from last weekend's Memorial Day beach outing where I skimped and saved on my SPF 70, and now my chest looks like that of a seventy year old's. I think she may have taken some sample pictures in class.

More to come. I just am not ready to get everything else out right now. It's still sprouting from my scalp...

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