Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Meet Gracie. When I first met her, as a recent adoption at the local Stacy and clan residence, she looked like a dainty cartoon character. She was so thin, with these giant open eyes and she could have easily been mistaken for a Precious Moments figurine, had someone spray painted her and frozen her in place. Not in an animal cruelty kinda way. And last week, I was able to spend some quality time with her, but my first thought was definitely, "Oh my Lord! The cat looks so cat-y!' And my second thought was, "Hmmmm, I hear you are obsessed with paper. I know where you are coming from." And then I proceeded to torment or thrill her for hours with bits of paper rolled up or smushed together, or balled up. And as she chased and pawed and leaped after and ate these pieces, I eagerly rolled and smushed and balled up more for her.

*Paper Soulmate*

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