Monday, May 16, 2011


Warning: Falling asleep on my couch will result in... dog blanket! At least while other people are awake. Mojo tucked into Stacy's side. Marley gingerly clawed her way up Stacy's hip, scratched around to make her rib cage more satisfying and plopped her 25 pounds straight down. And everyone remained asleep. So deceivingly soundly. But had there not been a couple of us still awake, Marley would never have wasted her time just laying down. And sleeping? For.The.Weak. No, Marley would be skillfully opening zippers, breaking into side rooms, hunting down first chapstick and lip glosses, annihilating then moving on to general medication, disposable razors, gum and candy (notice these are about fourth on the list) and then if there's time, shredding every item that has ever touched or been near a greasy food product. But here, for now, look how cute they are!

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