Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Photo of the Day

I shared this with some friends already, but then I thought, why deprive anyone in particular from found intelligence? I was walking around Hell's Kitchen last night, after escaping Hell incarnate, also known as The Port Authority dum dum dummmmm, and I was admiring the breeze and the fact that with each step I took, I was farther and farther from the Port Authority. I saw people walking their dogs, and only one breed repeatedly raced ahead tugging at their owners' arms: The Puggle. I remember when Marley used to do that to me. And then she got a taste of her own medicine with Mojo pulling like a sled dog running for life or death even though that means his front paws are always wildly flailing in their air in front of him. All of you troubled Puggle owners? I can loan you my Yorkie. Have them walk together, just one time. Your dog will never be the same. And I may change my phone number.

Back to the point: Listen up Pharmacy #229896702! Diabetics don't need latex gloves more than any other person. Stop classifying people like that. But in reference to the hot chocolate discount, that is totally on the money. There's nothing better for a diabetic that some good old fashioned sugar laden hot chocolate. Good job.

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