Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Man- Can's

I may always first think back to the full breasted man across the aisle from me on the bus the other day. I was so thankful for my skilled peripheral vision, because my eyes were glued to his chest one way or another. I am not making fun of him. And maybe I don't even need to feel badly for him. Maybe he is the happiest, luckiest most sought after human being to walk this Earth. I hope so.

And I also hope that one of these days, some thirteen year old kid that I know can create and follow-through on their idea of anything awesome. (And by awesome, I mean profitable enough to afford me an occasional pity hand out for not being creative enough to think up scented candles on her own.)

Seriously, a thirteen year old boy thought up the idea for Man-Can's, scented candles designed for men, and a few that I wouldn't mind so much either. Bacon candles may be on my shopping list for gifts this holiday season. ESPECIALLY if someone I know starts making some serious cash or their own idea! Hint: Scented candle.

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