Thursday, April 7, 2011

Big D's Grub

The Good, The Bad, The Charming...

There's no Korean food term that can make my mouth water like "Bulgogi." So when I read Big D's Grub Truck's menu online, I didn't care if their bulgogi came on tacos and grinders, a toothpick, or a plate of sand. I needed to try this. The good news? It was delicious! Marinated and cooked beef with scallions and deliciousness: Always. Every up has a down, and my let down definitely surrounds what they call their "soft tacos." I am pretty sure that they were made up of cardboard, fax paper (fine quality), and a little white bread. Then, to prepare, they were mashed together, shaped and then aired out to dry on a clothes hangar for 12 years. I don't want to bash them- I mean, 12 is totally my favorite number! Also, the deliciousness was shared sparingly. Leaving a lot of heavy paper in my food container, which ironically was all disposed of in my work garbage can. I reunited a whole bunch of paper that day!

The Charming: The man taking orders asks for your first name! And when someone else was talking to him, he just whispered to me, "Aly" and I immediately wanted to give him a tip or a hug. In Manhattan, anonymity is a benefit and a side effect and a detraction all in one. I am often thankful for it, don't get me wrong. Like that time I had bronchitis and tried walking and speaking simultaneously and I wound up heaving on the street by Bryant Park. Not a single person either looked at me or cared to look at me and I was giddy that i didn't have to meet anyone's eyes that day. I guess it's not until someone speaks to you like a human that you realize you are shuffling through this island completely void of connection.

The most important thing to remember: Cell phones and bronchitis don't mix.

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