Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Little Frazzled

If anyone out there knows any sort of voodoo magic spell that can pause time, please let me know. I think I'd risk eternal damnation for a super cool cheat during this go of it. Life is exhausting! It's tiring enough when I feel at "functioning capacity." For the past few days, I have been plagued with congestion and coughing and sneezing and raw skin under my nose and according to others, severe bags under my eyes and a swollen face. That was particularly awesome to hear. "Oh, you must be really sick, your face is unrecognizably swollen!"

Thanks. Really.

Now I am two days behind work which somehow can feel like 2 weeks. And I joined a gym and haven't been able to go, which doesn't mean too much, except it sheds a looming cloud over the future prospect of my ability to ever motivate myself into utilizing said gym. I caught up on laundry, but I looked around my apartment and discovered a thick layer of dust covering everything. It's as if my tissue sprays have saturated fuzz all over everything I own. And nothing is more disturbing that sitting in an enclosed space with germs taunting your chances of recovery with a thin layer of little gray fuzz. So, I started tackling the dust and Marley threw up. So I switched over to vomit in the carpet clean-up. , Next, came the dishes, and I turned around to see that Mojo had dragged a pillow off of my bed, and in doing so, had stripped my bed of everything. So I remake my bed, and while I'm in my room, I check emails. Work emails. Both reminding me how much work I have left to do, while also taking me away from cleaning. I realized food was probably necessary, as I felt my antibiotic tearing through my stomach. So, I cooked. Second sink full of dishes. Fed the dogs, after which I am unable to touch anything crinkly or prasticy on my counters, because Mojo will then bark thinking it's his next course of dinner. Where he got such a notion and habit, I have no idea. Finally, I lay down, but I'm too congested to lay down and read. So I sit up and watch TV. But I have zero interest in anything except my book. I finally get comfortable with my book, and a friend calls with an urgent two hour conversation that I tried to cut short. The conversation ended when he was exhausted and I was first waking up.

How do people do this with spouses and babies and kids and homework and classes?

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