Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Scented Bubbles

Having never been especially coordinated, and not one especially tolerant of the heat, my favorite outdoor summer activities have revolved around pools, reading, pools and occasionally, bubble blowing and chalk drawing. Things that wouldn't work up a sweat, basically. And while I may not be overtly skilled in the various ways to play with bubbles, I still purchase them and play with my friends kids whenever I see a bottle. One of life's inexpensive pleasures. Unless you shop at Bergdorf's. COME ON, people! Perfumed designer bubbles at $18 a bottle before taxes? I'd wince as each bubble popped in the air, wasted.

Just seeing THIS made me wince a little, that's all. I have so many suggestions for the extra $17.50 people with too much money in their wallets are wasting on these bottles. For instance, save up a few bottles' worth and see a psychotherapist. Or, I don't know, donate money.

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