Monday, March 15, 2010

Maywood In March

I've been less than exemplary in my dedication to this blog, and it's been completely unintentional. First, there was packing to contend with. Then there was moving. And moving. And driving back and for moving. With the exception of large furniture pieces, I personally moved everything myself. Box by box, everything started coming together in the new place. It's old and the house moves with the wind and I actually have to take my recycling bins to the street on appropriate nights instead of just letting the apartment crew worry about garbage pick ups. And I couldn't be happier. Well, that's not exactly true. If my landlord were to ring my doorbell with a hot water heater that helps temperatures reach above "sorta hot" then I really couldn't be happier. But bigger concessions have been made.

Now that I have internet back (sigh) and cable, I am trying to get back to normal. Although my normal seems to shift descriptions every day. I'm working on ironing out a schedule in which I can be most productive, basically, and now that I'm unpacked and painted and patched and settled and plugged in, I have very little left to hide behind.

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