Friday, February 5, 2010

Through The Kaleidoscope

I have been so busy doing everything and nothing. Feeling accomplished and unproductive and exhausted and exuberant. I feel like I had this vision of my life, and it was pretty. Sunlight would come in and change the appearance slightly, and then shadows would creep in, adding new dimensions. But then someone came by and pushed the tip of this imaginary kaleidoscope spinning end thingamajig and that pretty little picture is forever shattered.

It's okay, things change and you are to embrace the moment and appreciate the beauty in all things. I'm at a point now that I can, and I really am. It's just that I keep spinning the end of this tube of mirrors, and no matter how many times it goes around, that original image is gone. Thankfully, there are days that look even better, to counter the days that I don't want to look through the looking glass. There are days that the sunlight pours into. So here I am, embracing forced change, joining too many people in this country that are currently looking for work. And I am spinning this kaleidoscope even when I don't want to. Even when the beads are perfectly aligned and breathtaking, I am shaking things up. Because if I can learn to rely on the constant of change, then I can keep letting the light in.

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