Thursday, February 25, 2010


Isn't snow just gorgeous? It lays on branches and creates an honest to G-d wonderland. For a week. Then it becomes slightly more than a hassle. Now it has trapped me in my house, ruined plans- and shoes- and is the sole cause of multiple calls from my mother checking in my whereabouts. She knows more about my physical locality throughout the day now than she did when I was fifteen, or five! I just checked the weather, finding out when this torrential snow that started at 6 am today will let up. Today is Thursday, by the way. The snow will not cease until supposedly SATURDAY at 3pm. Cool. Frigid. If only I didn't live in Minnesota. Oh, yeah, I meant, if only people in the 80's didn't use so much hairspray to tear through a tempestuous outer atmosphere.

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