Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Superficial.... Literally

Heidi Montag has released her first album. And dare I say the last? We can hope! I don't want to bash the girl, everyone can do that on their own. Your bleeding ears will force you to say unpleasant things, as it will be an only too natural response to her- the cause of your audio discomfort.

I will merely state that the lyrics were both horrifying and hilarious. People.com has shared a song preview of Superficial's single "I'll Do It" (of which I admittedly only made it through half of) and some choice lyrics. I thought this was an elaborate hoax. I was wrong.
Pick me, take me, off up into ya dungin
I brought some treats
I know that you gon love em
Come eat m panties off of me
Do whatever you feel comes naturally

Cuz I wanna let my hair down
Is that alright
Is that okay (eh eh)
Cuz i wanna let my hair down
Is that alright is that okay (eh eh)
Is it okay to take your hair down? Up into your dungin? Is that like a dungeon but higher? Eat my panties? SERIOUSLY?!?

Heidi, you have clearly arrived as an artist among artists.

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